Solution : Container Ports, Airports

Container Ports, Airports

As communication and situational awareness are critical in handling any ports operation, stable and reliable internet connection with make the difference between a good day and a bad one – which means a lot of money and reputation are on the line.

Our ports solutions will connect various key-aspects of the operation in this wide open area, which ranges from small handheld devices to warehouse computers, complete with link integrity monitoring.


The multitude of devices with different specializations enable a far-reaching and stable internet connection across this vast open space


With constantly moving objects around the airport, our mobile-capable devices make a seamless internet connection possible



Super Wifi Base Station – A8


WiFi Access Point / Bridge – A2

Why provide Internet

Container Ports

  • Wireless connectivity for handheld, mobile terminals
  • For users at container stack areas, crane areas, warehouses and vessels
  • Multi-media applications
  • Remote control to mobile terminal
  • Mobile clients tracking and monitoring
  • Emergency site surveillance through IP camera
  • Unified messaging and announcement broadcasting



  • Wireless connectivity for handheld and vehicle-mounted terminals
  • For maintenance crews at apron and repair center areas
  • Remote access to maintenance document library
  • Video surveillance for apron and hangar areas etc.
  • Ad-hoc mobile network for ground service crews
  • Wireless Internet connectivity for passengers at car parking and waiting areas, restaurants etc.


What are the challenges

  • Large & high interference environment
  • Unstable client connection & high stability requirement
  • Limited installation sites
  • Mobility of target areas
  • Signal blockage by aircraft and metallic cockpit windows


How we can solve it

  • Large coverage up to 1.5 km near LOS, minimum installation site
  • Complete backhaul protection
  • Link integrity monitoring
  • High interference rejection and low spurious emission
  • 600 m NLOS across cranes & Mobile A2 AP for ad-hoc coverage and cockpit signal enhancement
  • Mobile client management