Solution : Restaurants, Hotels, Shopping Malls

Restaurants, Hotels & Shopping Malls

Looking to provide your patron and guests internet service at low cost? Our solutions can provide full outdoor & indoor internet connectivity for your business – be it a small gourmet restaurant or a large hotel resort.

The system will enable wireless applications for guests and staffs under different SSIDs.

Example of how our range of WiFi equipments can cater to different space and dimensions in hotels and shopping malls


Super WiFi CPE – C1n & C1an
WiFi Access Point / Bridge – A2

Providing Wireless Broadband

The Application

  • To bring high speed broadband connectivity
  • To accelerate household broadband penetration
  • To bring broadband to community facilities and schools
  • To provide basic communication services in rural areas
  • To provide knowledge-based economy and ICT education
  • To improve government efficiencies and local GDP


The Challenges

  • High site & backhaul cost
  • High cost & lack of fiber to houses
  • Long deployment time
  • High interference environment


How we can solve it

  • 65% high savings in CAPEX & OPEX
  • Minimum installation sites
  • Super large area coverage: 1 km LOS, 500 m NLOS, 2-4 BTS/ sq. km.
  • Fast deployment in days
  • High interference rejection and low spurious emission


Deploying 3G Data Offload

The Application

  • To offload 3G mobile data traffic from the 3G spectrum
  • To add new data traffic bandwidth to cope with the rapid growing demand
  • To lower the cost of data traffic
  • To expand WiFi service from 3G service
  • To provide WLAN service for universities and businesses
  • To have enough capacity ready for the launch of smartphones


The Challenges

  • Mobile data traffic will keep growing rapidly
  • Increasing existing 3G capacity is expensive
  • Adding new 3G sites is costly and timely
  • Upgrade to 4G takes years to build RF optimization in 3G expansion is difficult
  • 3G spectrum is expensive and limited for data


How we can solve it

  • Relieve 3G/LTE data traffic to WiFi
  • Co-locate WiFi BTS to 3G/LTE sites
  • Complete coverage for outdoor and indoor
  • Scalable from a hotzone to city-wide network
  • A8n/A8-Ein/A8in to suit for different scenarios and match with 3G footprints
  • C1n and U1 CPE to improve signal & throughput
  • High interference rejection and low spurious emission