Solution : Universities, Colleges, Building Complexes

Universities, Colleges, Building Complexes

n this knowledge-intensive economy, providing the best internet connectivity is crucial for students development. From providing the basic internet access to students on the go to harnessing the power of computer networking for human resource and facilities management, our Altai’s range of equipment can deliver.

Our system will enable the whole campus to access the internet seamlessly, be it indoor or outdoor.


Multiple placements of our cost-efficient Super WiFi antenna will ensure the internet access is consistent across the wide area of campus


Super Wifi Base Station – A8
Super WiFi CPE – C1n & C1an
WiFi Access Point / Bridge – A2

Why provide Internet

  • Extending campus network to WLAN at low cost
  • Expanding existing LAN to full indoor & outdoor campus coverage
  • Wireless access for dormitory
  • Ad-hoc network connection e.g. enrollment, orientation, interflow program activities
  • Anywhere connection to campus resources e.g. librarian services, facilities bookings
  • Anywhere distant learning
  • Outdoor teaching


What are the challenges

  • No interruption to students
  • Complicated environment
  • Congested block wiring
  • High user capacity
  • High throughput requirements


How we can solve it

  • Fast deployment in hours
  • No in-house wiring required
  • Flexible antenna mounting
  • Only a few BTS are needed
  • High throughput capacity
  • Bandwidth & access control